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How to Get Your Career Going As a Virtual Assistant

Finding the perfect balance between personal life and work is indeed a challenge, because of this many women in Pakistan and world over often put their careers on hold when they get married and start a family. Working from nine to five everyday and still coming home and being able to find the energy to put a hot meal on the table is indeed hard. Being a working woman in Pakistan is even harder, from pressure from your own family to your in laws, everybody often seems to be against it. As a child of a working mother I have first hand witnessed the kind of hardships they have to face.


With the boom of Virtual Assistance in Pakistan this problem can be overcome. Being a Virtual Assistant entails doing several of the jobs you might expect to do at an office; bookkeeping, maintaining contacts, keeping tracks of appointments and working on projects amongst others, however you do them from home rather than being onsite. You work around your personal schedule and the way you handle your home remains in your own hand.

Getting started as a Virtual Assistant is a question that bogs down most women. Well, it is pretty easy, as long as you are technology friendly and internet savvy you already have more than half the game won.

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For getting started as a Virtual Assistant, basically try to maintain this 5 point strategy, and you’ll surely have the VA game in the bag!

Familiarize yourself with working online and what it is to be a Virtual Assistant: Research about what you are about to do and think about the pros and cons. Not having to go to an office is definitely a pro but being constantly near the phone and the computer might be a con for some. Talk to other VA’s on various Virtual Assistant forums online, so you get a feel of what the job actually is.
•Create a Business Plan: You should definitely do this before you are getting started as a Virtual Assistant. Make a roadmap and organize your thoughts, think of your target market, what skills you have, and what kind of client you want to work for and how you would like to manage your schedule. You should also think about your business goals, rules and regulations etcetera. Make sure you don’t get stuck on this step, this is only the beginning. Your business will evolve with you and you can take up or let go of tasks as you grow and hone your skills.

•Get the tools: Before getting started as a Virtual Assistant, you’ll need a few tools; the most important is probably a computer and a good internet connection. After this you’ll probably need to download software’s like Skype to stay in touch, Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing. Set up an email account. Offline services you may need are a bank account for payments and maybe even a P.O. Box number. These services can easily be set up or subscribed online or through minimum hassle.
•Get in touch with clients: The scariest step to getting started as a Virtual Assistant is getting in touch with a client. You’ll probably think you can’t do this or that you’ll be rejected but have some faith; everyone has the basic skills to get started as a VA. Get in touch with online companies who help employers find prospective employees or ask a friend who is in the business as a referral.
•Keeping the Client and going forward: Think of ways you can keep the client happy whilst working at home. Be strong, focused and organised. Think of your first job as a way to make a lasting relationship and go forward from there.

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Being a VA is a great idea for any Pakistani woman who wants to keep on working, not only will you keep your career going but you will also be able to care for your family and fulfil your household duties. It is truly the best of both worlds and a phenomenal opportunity for all those women who want a successful career and family.
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