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4 steps to be an entrepreneur!

Consider the following scenario: You open your computer to start your regular work. There you go, you opened google and start typing. But, 5 minutes later, somehow, magically, you don’t know why, you end up on Facebook. And before you know it you going through hilarious (unnecessary) Buzz feed blogs, stalking your long lost buddy’s engagement pictures along with meaningless conversations on Facebook chat. And before you know an hour has just whizzed by. Oops, weren’t you supposed to finish off that assignment?

Raise of hands who goes through this every single day. Yep, me too!

The problem with today’s generation is that we are distracted too easily and constantly. From Facebook to Twitter to Buzz Feed blogs we somehow end of up on social media forums and wasting our time. Imagine the work you could have done that went wasted on stalking random profiles of Facebook. (But, don’t worry, this article is definitely not a waste of your time! ;))

Let’s look at simple steps to de-clutter your life from these distractions so that you can give 100% focus to your work. It deserves it!

1. Make your life simple:
Ever thought what life be without Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? They have become a part of our lives to such an extent, that we almost think that they are a necessity and we won’t survive without them. Life was simpler and cleaner without these distractions. Use anti-social software to block you from social media sites. If you are very keen, try deactivating your accounts for a few days. Trust me, it works like a charm. Been there, done that.

2. Hunt for that ONE special idea:

Since your life is all distraction-free now, how about you start thinking about being an entrepreneur?
This is where most people stuck. Think about that one idea that you want to pursue. What is the one thing you are most passionate about? What is it that you can do better than others? How can you change your life? How can you effect the lives of others? It could be anything, from writing a book to making an application. It’s all about what you want and can do!

3. Now START!

Have you found the idea already? Great! It’s really is simple from here onwards. You just have stick to it and start working! 😉 Put everything that you have into this idea to make it work. The most important thing is to keep your focus. Don’t get lured by other great ideas. Just stick to yours and give 100% focus and dedication to implement it.

4. Don’t care about what others say!

Trust me, you will meet plenty of people who will ridicule your idea and find loop holes about it. If you keep listening to other people giving you reasons not to follow your dreams, chances are you will never get there. Instead of getting demotivated think of them as motivators. Make it work and smack that right in their faces!

There you go, that was the most simplified version on how to start living a distraction free, entrepreneur life. Now it is all up to you to get to work.

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