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Unilever promoting Pakistani Women

Unilever in a bid to promote gender equality is doing much to encourage the employment of women in their organization. Where there are two prospective employees of equal talent they always pick the woman, their philosophy is simple; they want to correct the imbalance that is prevalent in the society. Besides this Unilever Pakistan is also providing facilities and assistance to women, which enables them to find a balance between work and their responsibilities. For this purpose they offer day care facilities in their offices for working women, recruiting female engineers in rural or far flung areas is an issue, many a times families are reluctant to have their girls live in such areas. Unilever offers them guarded staff housing facilities, which both ensures their safety and reassures their families.
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They also allow their female employees to have flexible working places, for example; home, distributor premises, or ad agency offices. Encouraging female empowerment is also part of Unilever global strategy of expanding into the beauty business. To empower the rural areas of the country which is about two-thirds, Unilever has started to employ women from these areas, the women are provided with three months of basic training and are taught how to get a bank account, do makeup and blow dry hair. Once they are done with the training they are able to go back to the village and start a beauty business of their own. The plan is to make these women business hubs for their villages and overtime help them collaborate with other companies as well so that they can expand, for example a telecom company may be able to offer them a partnership for services like easy paisa or pay as you go cards.
At the moment the Unilever program has only 900 women but the number is expected to expand and the target is set at least at 7000. Where the government has failed global brands are stepping up and trying to fill the voids.
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