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Just graduated? Avoid these mistakes before starting your career

As soon as the college starts coming to an end, you start worrying about your job. But finding the right job in the competitive creative, digital and marketing industry can make a world of difference compared to filling any available position. Your first job is one of the best places to pick up professional skills and experience, laying the foundation for your career ahead.

If you’re hoping to succeed in this tough job market, you need to improvise.

Post-graduation internships

Prior industry experience means opening up great opportunities for you. Even though some are paid and some are not, they a worthwhile experience. Gaining exposure in different fields will give you a clear cut idea about where to work and how deal with employees. It’s definitely a golden opportunity that is not to be missed. Go for it!

 Never taking risks

Never hesitate to try something new. Be it cooking, blogging, scuba-diving or bungee jumping. These risks that you take will make you are meant to be. By taking risks you will know exactly what you’re worth. Don’t be stuck with what-ifs, don’t listen to what others say, just do what your heart and mind says!

Think that “you are in this alone”


Sometimes you’re so depressed when it comes to taking decisions regarding jobs that you just want to be left alone. It maybe fear or anxiety, and you want time alone because you want to think what’s best for you. But clarity comes while you are sharing these concerns and there are plenty of experienced people out there who can enlighten you with an open discussion.

The spotless graduate résumé

CV photo
Your CV is often the first point of contact with your prospective employer – and first impressions count. A silly typo is all it takes to end up in the reject pile. Regardless of writing style or design, make sure your résumé is free of spelling and grammar mistakes by having friends and family members review it.

 Setting Expectations Too High

Fresh graduates too often focus on looking for the perfect job, instead of a first job. Especially in this economy, the first job should be about finding a position where you’ll learn a great deal, you’ll be super busy and you’ll be surrounded by lots of people. Even if it is a small organization; just opt for it as it will give you a lot to learn.

When looking for a job, only looking for a job

While looking for a job, also expand your network; pick up some new skills, intern, or just do something. That way when your interviewer asks what you’ve been up to you can tell a compelling story, which will put you ahead of 99% of the other job seekers out there who were only looking for a job.

Being afraid to fail
It takes courage to improvise. In the beginning, you may feel anxious and intimidated. But every time you try something new you gain a little more confidence. Don’t worry if you fail. Life is the sum total of your experiences, not your promotions. Make it special.

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