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7 problems women executives face

Who cares if she’s successful, look at what she’s doing to her kids! This is certainly a phrase that sounds familiar to every working woman. Be it a stay at home mom or a successful career woman, women are always the first ones to get criticized. Looks like we just can’t do anything right! Here are some of the ridiculous things a working woman with a thriving career has to face.
You’re judged by strangers for ‘abandoning’ your family

You’re perceived as a ruthless, mean person

If you’re unmarried, people assume you’re pursuing your career because you didn’t ‘catch’ a guy

If you’re nice to someone it’s assumed to be flirting
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If you tell people off for mistakes you’re trying to compensate for being a woman in the first place
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If you applaud another female’s work you’re going easy on her because she’s a girl
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If you’re hard on them then you’re just jealous
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