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Stay connected to your professional network

When it comes to thinking about staying connected with your network, especially if you have a large one, it can almost be as frightening as, say, public speaking in front of a lot of people. But, it can be broken down into manageable steps.

You wonder”How in the world will I have the time?”  Perhaps the question is how can you make it easier?

Here are some super tips available to help simplify the process:



You’ll see status updates, profile changes, new connections, companies newly followed, links shared and more of the people in your network. Try to keep a track of the latest happening on the social world and stay connected to the person who is related to your area of interest. Just a birthday wish will remind the other person of your existence.

Don’t miss out on important events


It is obvious that you can’t always attend every event that you may want to, but when you get a chance to make sure you do attend. Touching base with other attendees that you haven’t seen in awhile to grab coffee or lunch, or simply to sit next to is a nice way to reconnect with conference buddies.

Follow up
When you ask someone in your network for something (like a reference, advice, an introduction) and they follow through, let them know what happened. Did you get the job? Did the idea work? Most people don’t do this either.

Remember who you meet

follow up

You can meet so many people at a good business event that you need to take the time to jot some information about what you talked about on each business card as you receive it. You won’t remember if you wait until the end. Just write enough to remember what you talked about and if you promised to share something.

Pass along articles of interest to your contacts

One great way to stay in touch is to pass along anything of interest to your contacts. You want to continually demonstrate that you’re not only passionate about your industry (and follow it regularly), but also that you are genuinely interested in your contact’s best interest.

BONUS! Networking Tip for Bloggers

There are many truly talented people that you’ve had the great fortune to meet and learn from. So, often call or email them about a blog post that you’re working on and ask for their thoughts. It’s a win-win for everyone and gives you an “excuse” to reach out.

Networking is about give and take,” says Jill Stover, client success manager at TalentReef. “And if you’re giving more than you’re taking, your network will be more willing to help when you need it. So, provide insight on topics your networks are interested in, share useful articles, and introduce people with similar background or interests who could benefit from knowing one another.”

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