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Stay sane while working from home

With all types of work you do, stress comes naturally. In order to escape from the chaotic and political work environment you take the decision to work from home. However, that too, is not an easy job. Not only do you manage all your work, but you do so while confronting family intrusions, loneliness and a workweek that never ends.

People who don’t work from home think that work-from-home ladies have the most stress free and easy going life! But unfortunately that’s not the case. You just need to have the talent to balance out things to make everything work smoothly.

Nearly 80 percent of people say they would like to work from home, and studies have shown that most telecommuters and others who work at home are happier and more productive than their office-bound colleagues, according to the Telework Research Network.

Below are the tips to get the work done without going crazy:

Create a Schedule

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It is the easiest route to keep yourself sane. Without a proper schedule, you won’t be able to do things as planned which will make you frustrated. Especially this is important for the work from home moms; they need to have a proper schedule according to their child so that they can balance out time for both.

Take a break

You need it. When you are too involved in your work, you tend to lose track of time. Working non-stop for hours will only result in a massive headache. Grab a cup of coffee, go out on the balcony, plug in the music and just relax for good 20 minutes.

Get out!


Since you are working from home, you have the liberty a flexibility to move around and find yourself a workspace that makes you comfortable. You can always pick your favorite coffee café and go their every evening to chill. The relaxing and comfortable surrounding can make a difference by breaking the monotony and in turn will keep you recharged.

Set up a home office

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When working from home, you need peaceful and quiet space to keep you focused. You should be away from distractions and your family must know that you are not to be disturbed while you work.  Setting up and creating that office environment will help you stay sane. Also, keep your workspace neat and tidy. A messy desk is really distracting when you’re trying to get work done!  Put those dirty dishes in the sink, and hang a board on your office wall to pin up all of your flyers, bills, notices, etc.

 Switch off your phone

It’s frustrating to find your phone ringing all the time and facebook or email notifications constantly popping up on your computer screen. If possible, turn off all those distractions so you can get work done at your earliest. The more the distractions, the more they will delay your work.

Socialize with Co-workers


Let’s face it, when you work from home, you lose the social aspect of work; meeting new people and making new friends. If you’re already emailing, messaging or on the phone with co-workers, take a couple minutes to chat about something other than work and get to know everyone.

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