It’s time you ask for a mentor

Do you think you’re in need of a mentor but too afraid to ask? It must be very frustrating because sometimes you feel so helpless that you just want to pick up the phone and make a call to a mentor. The worst scenario would be that you might just get rejected, once or twice but the third time you won’t be disappointed.

We all want to feel significant, to belong, and to make a differenceAnd we all need someone to believe in us: someone who’s been where we want to go, someone to show us the ropes and cheer us on.

Sometimes, women are hesitant to ask for a mentor because they feel that by asking for support they are admitting that they fall short of the required standard. However, they should realize that asking for mentoring would really help in their career development.

As time passes by, every woman wants to be a new person to what they were before.  They want to be someone who is constantly learning and improving, by discovering new things which they cannot figure out on their own. They need to learn from the wisdom of others.

The question arises, why you need a mentor?

A Mentor will show you the ‘HOW’

mentor 4
We want to absorb as much information and knowledge as possible. All that represents the “what” has to be done. But a mentor will take things one step further. Instead of just showing us what we need to do, they will also show us how to do things.

 Mentors see our potential
We can’t see ourselves. Even the best of the best in the world needs a mentor to point out how and where they have room to improve.

A mentor will inspire you 


Sometimes we will only start working towards our goal when we feel inspired. Having someone to look up to will invariably make us feel inspired and pumped up. A mentor is not only a teacher, but also a person we can admire for their achievements. As soon as you start thinking like them, you will start seeing similar results.

 Your mentor will challenge you

They have already experienced what you’re experiencing now. They know how the journey is like. Therefore, you must expect some expert advice from them along with them challenging you and pushing you out of your comfort zone.

A mentor will show you shortcuts


They obviously know some cool tricks and tips that will never ever occur to you. They can tell you what you can do to overcome obstacles as easily as possible and avoid unnecessary steps.


Once you start your career journey with help of a mentor. You’ll look back and be thankful that you made the right decision. It will enable you to listen to your team better, listen harder to the problem, focus on the issues and you strive more.

Who knows that maybe few years down the line your mentor will be calling you up and asking for assistance too?

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Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.