Effective leadership lessons for women

Everyone needs to develop their own leadership style. It’s OK for women to be tough; you just need to be comfortable in that role.

Who loves to work under male-dominated workplace and being harassed and discriminated at work?  Nobody knows what it feels to be a female leader because the experience of becoming one is very tough yet unique. The rewards are great and yet the challenges of competing in a business environment largely populated by men are significant.

However, if you plan to make your way through leadership, then make sure you have taken advice from experienced women mentors to show you the right path.

Angela Braly, CEO of WellPoint says, “Be open to opportunity and take risks. In fact, take the worst, the messiest, and the most challenging assignment you can find, and then take control.”

Here are tips to overcome the leadership challenges you face in the competitive world today:

Ask for what you need to be successful

If you’re not going to champion your own career, who do you expect will do it for you? This is something women need to hear. Women are weaker when it comes to negotiating their salaries which in turn impacts their earnings. You need to be hungry for success and put in effort yourself to be a part of huge projects and meeting with high-profile people. This will open up your way to promotion.

Look after yourself

look after yourself

The everyday pressures of leadership can become overwhelming if left unaddressed. It is important to find ways to refocus and revitalize. Whether this is through exercise, hobby, or pursuing other interests will help create a balance between work, creativity and leisure and help reduce stress. It will also give you that much needed ‘you’ time that can so easily be overlooked amidst other pressures.

Have courage

Those who have the courage to walk straight through their fears for work they believe in are the ones who stand out.  Don’t be threatened by anyone. You will come across a lot of people who will try to put you down. Have the courage to face them and show them how talented you are.

Having courage can prove to be very beneficial for your career. You may not have anybody’s support at work but you need to constantly push yourself and keep telling yourself that you can do it!

Build Your Confidence


You can only build confidence by moving a step ahead from your comfort zone.  Shoot for the moon and even if you don’t reach their, you will end up in stars. So don’t be too afraid to take risks, you will mess up something once but this is how you will learn. All great leaders possess authentic confidence After all, practice does make you perfect.

Stop Being Too Nice

 stop being nice

Woman nature to be soft-hearted, polite and accommodating by nature. If that’s how your personality is, then you need to change it. Care-taking behavior is not for the office, be firm so that your employees think before making a mess!

If you have been in a leadership role then don’t forget to share your experience and influence to help other women launch into leadership roles. You can also register with to climb up the corporate ladder!


Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.