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CVs that will blow your mind

Here is the thing. There is no place for regular, boring resumes in this world anymore. They just get lost in the mail, those poor souls. We want new and creative, something out of the box that blows our minds away! Here are some insanely, creative resumes that we couldn’t help sharing. It is time for somebody to revamp their portfolio! (Don’t worry you don’t need to be an artist to create an awesome resume).

Jimmy Moore broke down his work history according to human revolution!

Michael Mahle is looking for a “communications position in the wines world”


What a unique way to design your resume as a paper fortune teller!

slide (3)

Eric Gandhi designed his resume to resemble a ‘Did you mean’ Google page.

Simone Fortunini resume was inspired by Google Analytics!


Sabrina Saccocio transformed her Facebook profile into a creative portfolio.


AND, she even included wall comments from previous employers…


This is just one pretty sight, Doni!


A brilliant way to display the level of your skills. (I think, I might just use this idea for my resume!)


Navdeep displayed his work history on a timeline & more


Here is one on Google Maps by Ed Hamiltion


Resume on a comic strip by Garcia! 


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