Making the most of your internship

Summer internships are not only fun but also a great way to kick start your career. For college and school goers they give an opportunity to get selected for paid positions as well as the first chance to experience life out of school. While there will be lots of more experienced interns present at the programs, there is no reason for you not to be able to between them. Here are a few simple tips with which you can make the most of your internship.
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Keep a Journal: Record all your doings for the days in a diary, it will help you remember what you learnt later and also will serve as a log for how you honed your skills.journal
Set Goals: Get together with your supervisor and set up goals you would like to accomplish through the course of your internship. This shows dedication and commitment, two qualities every good employee must have.
Listen: Listen, question and learn. Be vocal, an internship is a learning process and you can only learn through questioning.
Understand the purpose of assigned work: Make sure you get what the bigger purpose of your task is, for example if you need to research make sure you know what the company needs the research for. Each individual task is the part of a bigger process in a work environment and thus must be done in context to it.
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Keep working hard and stick by these simple rules and you will surely benefit from your stint at the office.
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