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How to manage the men you work with?

This is it! We have chosen the million dollar question, how do you handle males in a work environment, when they’re hard enough to be handled at home? Be it your superior or your subordinate, one must take a cautionary yet firm approach to handling men. Here are a few ways with which you can tackle their dynamics.

Stop striving for perfection: While achieving perfection maybe a virtue sometimes, most men aren’t that bothered about being just right. Let go, everybody is different and embrace the imperfections. Be different.

Be Yourself: Many women try too hard to be a man with the men at their workplace. This often backfires, embrace your femininity, you can be a great female leader!
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Be Precise: Cut the small talk, handle men like men not like women, this is one of the biggest mistakes women bosses make.

Be Assertive: Don’t be afraid to put your foot down, it will make your subordinates be more respectful towards you. Men like working with a woman who can speak her mind.

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