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5 ways women can and should help out each other

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”  – Madeleine Albright, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

You are a successful woman. But why feel hesitant is helping other women out? After all, they are your own kind. Long gone are the days when you leave others behind just to get to the top. Here are 5 ways for you to help your own, women to women:


Be a mentor
Remember, your first day at work? You would have killed for a mentor to guide you through the phases. Let your women know that you are there for them in times of need.

Promote a woman
Why get talent from outside when you’ve got so much on the inside. Anna Holloway head of Marketing for says, “I always look for talent internally first. Promoting from within and hiring at junior ranks benefits not only the individual but the business, too. It promotes autonomy, proactivity and loyalty to the company.”
Step up the ladder for one of your female subordinates, it would mean a lot to them!

Talk about your past mistakes
Women want to know how you got where you are today. It wasn’t an easy journey and surely there were mistakes. Other women might think “I want to be where she is, but I am not like her”. You learnt from your mistakes, why not other women too?

Talk about your current mistakes
It is important to be a role model. But that doesn’t mean you have to sound perfect all the time. Women are relieved to know that you make mistakes too and it is okay to make them. You would be a better role model if you are boss who strives to learn from her mistakes .That is how we all learn and grow.

Give compliments
It’s a whole another story when females give you a compliment. It boosts your confidence. And confidence is what is what is lacking in females today. Remind her of her achievements and strengths. It would go a long way in boosting her confidence levels if it came from you.

Remember, you are doing a good deed to help your own kind. Join the first all-women community in Pakistan and give a woman a hand by being a mentor!


Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.