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7 comebacks every woman should use against men

What is the deal about men and their annoying habits? From work to a casual hangout they seem to think they are a superior species above women.

They constantly overestimate themselves. They are very rude interrupters. They talk nonsense.  And they are always underestimating us.

Why oh why? It all starts from childhood. The girls are rewarded for being pretty and quiet. The boys are naturally expected to be rude, rowdy and dominant. Even as adults they are loud, constantly exercise dominance over women and think they are the best at everything. It seems that the boys never grow up!

News for the men: You aren’t as great as you think you are. We are better 😉

Here are 7 comebacks very woman should keep as her mantra. Keep your head high ladies.

“Excuse me, I am talking”
They should learn when it’s time to stop yapping. Learn from Lisa Kudow!


“STOP interrupting me!

If they don’t take the hint, it  just means they are stupid.


“I already said that”
Don’t let any man steal your thunder.


“Why, because you are a guy?”

Men should realize that just because they are born men doesn’t make them superheroes. We are every bit of capable of doing everything as they are.


“There is no rule that says that men can’t cook too”
Yes, that’s right! Why should women do all the cooking?


“Last time I checked, I was the boss here”

Men love to assume authority. Show them who’s in control!


“Stop talking”
It’s funny how people assume women to be the chatter box. It’s not true: Men love to talk nonsense all the time!


“Thanks, I can manage on my own”
They think they can just swoop in and save the day. Too bad we like to be our own heroes!


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