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Did someone steal your promotion?

Did you just lose that promotion you were expecting? Given so many years to your organization and you still got passed over? I know how you feel, but you need to stop dwelling on your loss and start focusing on how to go forward. To get that elusive promotion you need to start doing these things ASAP, the time you have given your company and the hard work you put in will shine more when your boss sees you taking these initiatives.

Look at trends outside the business: Look for forecasts and trends externally, these will influence your organization. Learn to work and predict these and you will definitely have some winning strategies up your sleeve.
external trends

Connect people: bring together individuals with similar interests and skills, and who would make good teams. Be unselfish in this endeavor and you will surely be rewarded for it.

Earn respect not popularity: Remember, work isn’t a popularity contest. Work hard and earn people’s respect because that is what will take you forward.

Avoid being typecast: Test your skills against jobs in other firms and make sure you give your resumes to recruitment firms. Don’t hesitate to go for more lucrative opportunities elsewhere. You won’t get anywhere if you insist on being stuck at one place.

Be gracious, be grateful: No matter how high up the food chain you are, make sure you are always courteous and gracious. If you are rude with the authority you have been given at the time people will certainly hesitate to give you any more in the future.

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