5 Smart Tips To Advance Your Career

Getting ahead in your career can be hard work, there is competition and  people who make things difficult. However, there are a few simple sure ways around all the hassle.

Here’s a few smart tips every working person must make use of!

1. Have mentors and Contacts: Maintain your network and always add new contacts, the more people you know and meet the better connected you are. A group of people who can vouch for you will make you worth your weight in gold.

2. Embrace your uniqueness: Don’t typecast yourself by referring to yourself as an engineer or entrepreneur, use words that set you apart from others to describe yourself. A friend of mine calls himself the drawing machine- he is an architect! Nothing beats being happy with what you think of yourself.

3. Map out your Career: Know what you will be doing 5 years down the lane!

4. Be the Change: Don’t be afraid to bring up off limit topics and initiate the change everybody else needs but is too afraid to bring about.

5. Put yourself in another person’s shoes: Learn to look at issues from someone else’s perspective’s this will make you a better problem solver.
other shoes

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