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Why women are better leaders than men

Let me start with a personal example. The company I intern at is located in a building with 10 floors.  From small companies to multi nationals, it has around 30 other offices. Naturally, I take the elevator up to my office on the 3rd floor. Almost every day (unfortunately), I am the sole woman in the elevator surrounded by a sea of men.  On the rare occasion when I do see a female, even though she is a complete stranger, I feel a sense of relief and happiness wash over me. And somehow the elevator ride up to the 3rd floor seems a little more bearable. And so much less awkward.

PS: I am the only female employee/intern in my company.

The point is, there are hardly any women out there. Not to mention any female leaders. They are overshadowed by the overwhelming number of men that surround them. Why can’t it be the other way round?

Men are not the predefined choice for a leader. WE have what is takes to be a leader. In fact, we have MORE than what it takes to be a leader. WE are the better choice. And here are 6 factors that prove why:

(All we need is a pinch more confidence!)

Better communicators
The number one rule to being an effective leader: Communication skills. If you can’t communicate orders to your team properly, you can’t get things done. And if things aren’t right, the boss is to blame. And women rule in communicating.

Better listeners
This is where the men get stumped. They bark orders more and listen less to what their team has to say. And that’s not how you build a team under you, right ladies?

More patient
Men are restless creatures. They will make a decision too soon or jump to conclusions. Women on the other hand tend to take it slow and easy. And nobody complains if they have a kind, patient boss.

More nurturing
Women like to build a family. That is why they have a team under them not a group of subordinates.

Stronger ethics
You can expect a man to skip a rule in the book. But women are just with strong principles. They like it fair and square and nothing less. And I think it is time for an honest leader.

They hire more women

You need women in your company to thrive and succeed. Why? You’ve got 5 reasons right above. And this makes 6: Women are just as likely to hire men or women as employees. Men on the other hand prefer to just hire men.

Well you’ve got the facts right in front of you: Women ARE the better leaders. What are you waiting for? Sign up with today and bring out the leader in you!


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