Build your network like you build friendship

Networking at the workplace can be hard, most people feel awkward at the thought of approaching others even though keeping in touch would be mutually beneficial. The most common mistake people make when they finally get an introduction is asking for something straight off, that is not only rude but also inappropriate. For those of you who think such a move is pretty silly, good! Because it is! You must build a network like you build a friendship. Here are some basic tips to strengthen your networks.

Talk or Hang out: Talking and hanging out together strengthens networks the same way it strengthen s friendships. You begin to trust the other person which is a cornerstone of connecting to people.
Share information: Sharing valuable bits of information topics you know the other person likes will make them feel special. They will know that you took out valuable time from you schedule to share something they like with them. This will nourish trust and also give you more opportunities to interact and talk to each other.
Staying in touch with people from your network is absolutely necessary. There is nothing worse than o know someone who could probably help you out of a spot but not being able to ask them because you haven’t talked to them in a while. These few simple things help you keep in touch with people for longer so do try them out and strengthen your ties.
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