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Fool proof interview tips



As 2015 is approaching, you might land in an interview or have interviews are pipelined for yourself. Whether you are a currently enrolled student, a recent graduate or an experienced professional, winning an interview is the first key to your employment offer. When we hear the word interview, we often create a sense of terror and a wall of deadness. Whereas, interview is a fun process, it is an enjoyable discussion and a brilliant opportunity to showcase yourself. There can be countless interview tips and tricks, however few important ones are discussed here:


Confidence does not come over night rather it requires a continuous effort to practice yourself. Confidence in an interview, primarily, focuses and is evaluated on your body language and the way you communicate. Strong communication will inflict a great impression on to the employer. Preparing yourself for common interview questions like

(i) tell me something about yourself

(ii) describe your strengths and weaknesses

(iii) what are you next five years plan

(iv) why did you leave your previous employer.

These are the questions which tend to be asked normally and we encounter in maximum of the interviews. The answers to these questions would not vary over a certain period of time. You might would like then to setup the structure and practice the answers with solid and real life examples. See, if you can impart a dint within few starting questions, there you go! Practice yourself for these questions, and be confident while answering. Uttering sounds like “uh”, “ah” and “ummm” would make you a nervous candidate and not prepared (confident) to answer. The second part to your confidence relates to your body language. The way you sit, the way you move hands, the way your eye contact is and how are you gestures.

Here are couple of tricks to present yourself as a confident candidate.

(i) Make a firm hand-shake with your interviewer, this should not be too strong that could break the bones and shouldn’t be too low in energy that could feel as less confident

(ii) smile at time of greeting, this shows you are felt being welcomed to be here and are very interested

(iii) while sitting, keep your feet on the ground and do not move them irrelevantly

(iv) make good use of your hands while addressing to a question, that is a sign of confident personality

(v) keep a good eye contact. An eye contact engages other person’s attention and display you as self-reliant candidate

(vi) keep your back straight and lean just a little forward to demonstrate you are confident to take challenges and ready to initiate. 


During an interview, your attitude should be positive. Attitude is everything and this describes “you”. There would be a time when interviewer will ask irrelevant questions just to analyze your patience and how you can handle those questions. The trick is not to get aggressive at all, have endurance to such questions and skip in a very decent way.

In corporate world, patience is highly needed at times when there are stressful situations, where there are nasty customers and when you do not have peers/boss of your choice.  Your attitude should be cooperative in an interview, that welcomes questions of all nature and deal them very professionally. See, you do sell your qualification and experience in an interview but major chunk come from your attitude. A same question answered by two different candidates will have distinct impact because of the attitudes.

Practice in front of mirror, will cost nothing, and you can see how you sound and how your attitude looks alike. If not satisfied, change it. At the end of the day it is not who gets the job, it is the best interview that gets the job. Another important part that significantly relates to attitude in an interview, is to overcome challenges. You might have bad experiences in the past interview or in your personal/professional – this is not the right time to get dazed by those shoddier moments. How you compose your attitude, how you compile your strengths to overcome and how positively your present yourself is what you need in your “attitude”. Thinking before acting is a great key to success.


Every person is born has a distinct set of strengths and skills. But the problem begins when we do not acknowledge ourselves. We tend to copy others and are happy with that. Never realizing our own potential, never recognizing our own passion and leading a “copy-cats” life. Trusting in oneself is very important when it comes for an interview. The more you trust and believe within your strengths, the more you will feel prepared and positive for an interview. 

One of the biggest mistake we usually make is to copy others notable strengths, whereas if you just take 10 minutes and list down your actual and special strengths you will find being “you” is vital and far away much better. We lack confidence and might not be able to answer reasonably in interviews because of the fact we are showcasing someone else. We do not trust ourselves and are so coward to express our own potential.

People, get off with this wall of shame and start believing in your potential. You talk about dreams, you talk about winning interviews and you talk about achievements – hey! This is your life and live this with masking out someone else. This is your time for an interview and you have to brainstorm to accelerate your success with your very own capabilities. Listen to your heart and look forward how you will be different in an interview.




Sohaib is a motivational speaker, a graduate coach and a management consultant based in Munich, Germany. He has experience in career counselling, interview winning techniques and leadership development. He is also a mentor and can be contacted for queries and guidance. We are proud of his contribution to our blog!

Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan