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Learning to say the ‘N’ word

Most people are very hesitant to say no to people especially when it comes to work. I am certainly one of them! They tend to worry about the sort of impression it will give about them and whether it will affect future prospects. While saying no to things on the job maybe the right thing for some time, it isn’t good  all the time. At times one just needs to let go and take a minute for themselves. Here are 5 moments when you just need to take a deep breath and put your foot down.
Needing space at the end of the day: While networking with colleagues and work friends after hours is definitely a necessity don’t hesitate to say no to it if you need some time to yourself. Trust me it’s better to just go home and unwind rather than grimacing every time someone says something to you.
Take a cheat day: Don’t feel like working out after a grueling day at work? Say no to the gym without feeling guilty. We all need a day to relax.
Needing to clear you head: If you need to clear your head and need some alone time then just say no to work, emails, friends and everything without thinking twice. Read a good book and rejuvenate your senses.
Personal Friday night: Don’t feel like running around town with your buddies? Go home and binge on your favorite show without any remorse! Hey it’s your free time and you should get to dictate how you spend it.
Just in the mood for a ‘No’: You don’t need a reason to say no to stuff. One needs to do it from time to time just to relieve your senses if stress. Be your own master!
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