10 mommy friendly industries

The economic situation everywhere at the moment is not exactly robust. Who is hiring, which company is cutting down cost, letting people go, is creating frenzy. Jobs are shrinking and people needing the jobs are increasing. The problem ultimately falls upon the female! Who will hire a woman when there is a male applicant with the same achievements? Females at such a point are not given a second thought, simply because it’s too much of a work to hire a female who is also a mom!

Don’t know the solution? Worry not! Even in such a situation, there are certain mommy friendly companies that are hiring.Some of them are as follows:

Educational sector offers the job of teachers to numerous women. Since it is a half day job, it proves to be a mommy friendly simply because it has a schedule as such. Leaving home with the child and coming home either before your child arrives or together, makes it easier for women to manage their house as well as have a career that they want.

Textile also provides job opportunities for women. It is not essential for them to join a company. It has the advantage of letting women start their own businesses. Boutiques. These are one of the most successful and profit making business of today. Various women, who want a career as well as manage their house and kids often, choose this. Various designers also follow the same footsteps, simply because it is mommy friendly, and does not take much of their valued time away from their kids.

Similarly, jobs that do not require your presence can be done from home. IT sector offers a lot of jobs for the women. For example, companies need online marketing, graphic designers etc. these are often women who are stay at home moms, who also work. Thus this is another sector of the economy that is hiring.

Various multinational companies and also local companies look for people who want contract based jobs. This proves to be an ideal opportunity for women to apply for jobs because it is temporary and has no long term commitment. Moreover, thinking about the responsibilities women have, companies often hesitate to hire females on a permanent contract. Thus temporary jobs such as an assistant to the secretary or posts like that are available, example sales women.

Apart from educational, textile, IT, and temporary jobs offered at various companies, administrative jobs such as receptionist, are also considered mommy friendly. With no such burden or work load, yet a job that allows women to work proves to be one of the ideal jobs out here.

Some other jobs for which women are hired are human resource. A lot of companies look forward to having female Hr Managers who will understand how to deal with female employees.

Another one of the most successful sector is the home-made food delivery service sector. Homemade food is delivered to offices and schools by housewives who have started this. These women hire helping hands that help in the cooking and various other chores. This is also a growing sector in the economy that is looking for women to hire.

Thus, even in today’s economy where everyday someone or the other is being made redundant and women find it hard to find jobs, there are various sectors that are still hiring females and are on a look out for them. Therefore all the ladies, and moms, who are looking for a job, your solution is right here. Mentioned above are the industries that hire women and are mommy friendly, that allow you to work and manage your house and kids at the same time!

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Maria Nadeem

Written by Maria Nadeem

The Lyceum School (2011-2013)
Foundation Public School (1999-2011)