Making great friends with simple conversations

If you are an introvert, starting off a conversation with unknown people can be very difficult and stressful task.

In order to make a good impression, you need to break the ice to overcome the awkward silence! You may not realize it at first but that first encounter with someone can lead to something wonderful—maybe even a lasting friendship or a valuable partnership.

Having meaningful conversations is something that can be learned, and with focus and practice, we can all become better at it.

Here are five key tricks that will help you star meaningful conversations:

Start with “Hi”

say hi

Starting off with a HI can itself be the biggest communication barrier. When you are out there in a huge gathering or meetings so you have to prepare yourself to start conversations. Not everyone is nice enough to approach you themselves, at times you need to fit in the crowd and connect with people yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone

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Hold back on how awesome you are as an entrepreneur. As the conversation develops, people will naturally find out about your accomplishments. So give them time and focus on their interests.

Show interest in what they like, it might be something new and you may learn from them. If it’s about a particular subject that you don’t understand so keep asking questions!

Avoid one-word answers

Try focusing on more detailed responses. Answer in a way you wish your questions to be answered. Ask yourself what, why, how! Restricting yourself to one word answers show least interested you are in making a conversation. It just puts off the other person to even take the discussion further.

Talk about common experiences

socializingIf there’s a class you have together, ask them what they think of it or if they’re interested in whatever you’re studying right now. Even better, if you’re having trouble in that class, ask them to help you out sometime!

“Oh did you hear about..”

Start a conversation with a description of an interesting, entertaining and/or funny story. Get right in to your story description and then allow the other person to make a remark or share an opinion of the story.

Make sure your story I interesting enough and you’re not wasting their time! Don’t drag it just for the heck of having a conversation. Keep a track of what you’re saying otherwise she’ll think you’re a broken record.

Ask good questions


Asking open-ended questions to help them get deeper into the conversation. Good questions are asking someone how they think or feel about something that they are talking about.

Always reach out new people in big gatherings to gain new perspective on certain things. You just need to have the guts and the confidence to break the ice in awkward situations.  Run through this list the next time you’re about to encounter a lot of people.

The fresher these tips are in your mind, the higher the likelihood that you’ll actually implement them.

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