Things you may want to know as a freelancer

When you’re fed up of your work, you instantly start dreaming about freelance work! You immediately picture yourself as someone who has flexible working schedule, having time for yourself and being your own boss. These are some of the good things that you will experience while having a freelance job.

Don’t forget that there two sides to everything. If you’re wanting to freelance, then consider the challenges one has to face. Being equipped with apt know-how would help you to be more successful in the field of freelancing.

Even if you think you know all there is to know about freelancing writing – and you have all you need to be a freelance writer – never stop learning.

Here are some valuable things that you need to know about having a freelance job:

Discipline, attitude, and willpower are what matter; not talent


Freelancing will surely teach you how to be a hard worker.

Sure, you’re sitting down comfortably on a couch or at your desk, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to create nothing from something all day long. It’s pretty mentally taxing.

You have to build up to it. Because you don’t start off with good discipline and strong willpower, you earn those things. If you want to develop your discipline, there’s no way around it – you just got to sit there and do it, day in and day out.

Different Guidelines


If you’re considering to work as a freelance writer because you find it the most easiest job in the face of this planet, then you’re wrong.

There are some requirements of the clients that you have to keep in mind. Whether these relate to style, content, or editing. These are the some demands you have to deal with

As a successful writer, you need to be able to juggle these guidelines. Working with different clients enables you to master this juggling act early in your career.

How to budget


One thing you really need to prepare yourself for is that when you’re freelancing, there is no constant flow of money. As tempting as freelancing may sound to you, it doesn’t earn you that much money. You really need to work hard and gain years of experience to get there.

However, budgeting is extremely important in this case so that you don’t find yourself with money at any point.

Learn to focus or you will fail


There’s absolutely nobody to keep a track of you and your tons of “bathroom breaks” in between work. Therefore, you tend to become distracted from tasks that you might have assigned yourself. This may be something as simple as just spending too much time responding to emails or comments, or going through album after album on Facebook of your friend’s visit to London.

You need to take your freelancing job as seriously as any 9 to 5 job. Focus on building a successful career and make use of tools that will help boost your focus and productivity.

Time is your greatest asset – use it wisely

 Time value of money graph drawn on the chalkboard with a hand holding a chalk

What’s really valuable is the time that you take to create compelling content. And for many freelancers, they unfortunately do not feel that their time is very important or valuable. This results in freelancers undervaluing the work that they do, and allowing themselves to become frustrated when long hours spent on a client project results in barely enough wheels to keep your head flooded.


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