6 ways women can communicate more effectively

Science and biology have already proven differences between the male and female brain. The emotional hub of the female mind makes them more prone to feeling things emotionally, having a better ability to gauge body language and facial expressions and so on. Whilst this is a good thing it can also turn into something negative and stop you from realizing your full potential. Females thus need to be more careful in their communication tactics. Here are 6 tips for more effective female communication.

Taking Credit: Females are less prone to take credit for themselves alone, they will often say ‘we’ did this instead of ‘I’ did this. Taking credit in a work environment is essential. Be sure to step up and own what you did.
Taking Things Personally: The female brain is more prone to being emotional, they are more likely to take things in a personal context which can hamper their effectiveness at work. Be a better leader by taking a more objective look at things.
Negotiate: research shows 57% of men negotiate for their first salaries as compared to only 7% of women. This reluctance to ask for what you deserve will constantly undermine your worth.
Challenge Power: Learn the innards of the system you work in and challenge the status quo if that is what it takes to succeed.
Get a Sponsor: Someone higher up the food chain in your corner is a good thing. Research shows that men are more prone to doing this than women. Find a sponsor who can help you further your position.
Being Self- Confident: Feel and look powerful, build up your persona and be identified as someone who is confident and powerful.

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Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.