5 reasons why the Pink Rickshaw service in Lahore is awesome!

There is only one female taxi driver in Pakistan! But as of today, there will be many female rickshaw drivers. The Pink Rickshaw service was launched in Lahore today. It’s cute, it’s pink and it’s simply way too cool.

There are a lot of cool things this project will bring about but here are the top 5:

1. No harassment for female commuters!


Sick of the male drivers harassing you or creeped out by travelling alone with them? Fear no more. Get a lady to drive you around and save yourself the worry.

2. Financial independence


Boo hoo to all the people who thought women have very limited sources to earn. Get in a rickshaw and take a trip to Lahore please 🙂

3. Pink is in style

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Lawn craze has brought pink back to the limelight. The roads of Lahore are hosting pink rickshaws in style too!

4. Cultural barriers? Pfttt


Welcome to Pakistan, the country where it is not just okay but totally acceptable for females to do anything including driving a rickshaw! We are on the way to gender equality folks!

5. No more fighting over rickshaws


Enjoy a ride that no man can snatch from you 😉 What’s more awesome than a rickshaw exclusively for the ladies.

Enjoying the idea? Go ride a pink Rickshaw! OR you can join us let’s make something cooler happen!

Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan