5 things to do while you are job hunting

Got laid off? Quit? Or simply just in between jobs? Looks like you suddenly got a lot of free time on your hands. Contrary to popular belief no one can spend eight whole hours a day simply job hunting. So what do you do after you’re done sending your CV to all the employment websites and have dropped off hard copies to your dream employer’s office? No, you don’t sit around the house, eat crisps and brood. Use this time to learn, rethink, rejuvenate and do all those things you always wanted to but didn’t have time for.

  1. Intern or Volunteer: Are you one of those who have always been passionate about working for a cause? Go out and volunteer at an organization which supports a local cause. It will be fun, look good on your resume and who knows, you may just learn some valuable life lessons.
  2. People who want to change the type of jobs they are doing can always opt to intern at a company which offers them. Not only will you have experience for later on but it will also help you get your foot through the door in that industry. If it doesn’t work out, then well you won’t have a gap in your CV.
  3. Do something you always wanted: Everyone knows that the actual motive of a person when they get hired is to dazzle a prospective employer with their personality in an interview. What makes you get through an interview? Conversation. You don’t need to focus on something work related or career oriented on your time off. Go pursue that passion you always had.Dabble with dance or join an art class. Take cooking classes or do anything you’ve always had a talent for but never had the time to do.When you get called for your next interview, you’ll have an interesting story to tell. Why did you leave your last job? I wanted to pursue my passion of learning to cook, dance or paint. Anything it is, just take the plunge and do it.
  4. Blog: Yes! Write, express yourself. Writing is a great skill to have. You need it every minute of every day. You could write about the industry you want to get into or just write about yourself and about how you’re taking this time off to discover yourself.It’s another one of those great conversation starters and it will also give your employers hard proof of your skill as well as a look into the real you. You’ll get a warm welcome into any organization if you can suitably impress the boss through your blog.
  5. Talk about yourself: The thing about the real world is that you need to know how to market yourself. Too many of us get awkward and hide inside our shells when asked questions like “why should we hire you?”, or “tell us something about yourself”.Learn to answer these questions because they are the ones which every interviewer loves to ask the person sitting in front of him.
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