Around 86% Pakistani educated women face the same future

She could see, hear and smell the fear that will come with the graduation applause. The fear of losing her dreams and aims. The fear that will manifest from her marriage and would lead her nowhere but home every day. She would not have a sad life.

She would be happy and okay but there would still be something missing. The dreams that had accumulated in classrooms which will never manifest because there was no way. The times she had imagined herself in a bright workplace rocking the world would haunt her as she will sit in front of the TV and flip channels mindlessly. This is not the life she had imagined. But it is the life she will get.

She wishes there was a way to get what she wanted too. Don’t we all?

It’s time to break down all the shackles girls, help emancipate the women of Pakistan by providing them with equal opportunities across the board. Vote for us everyday till Jun 11.



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