10 powerful career strategies for women

Even though it seems as if women are doing very well in today’s day and age, the disparity between male and female earnings still remains. Not only that, the proverbial glass ceiling still exists for more than half the female workforce.

Whilst the circumstances have greatly improved from say the past twenty or so years, they still aren’t the best possible ones that can be imagined. Here are some of the strategies women can use to further their careers;

  1. Academic qualifications: The better degree you have the more courses you have taken the better your chances will be for promotion. Don’t let college costs deter you, look for aid and distance learning programs which cost you less but still have the same accreditation. You could also check out if the firm you work at provides any training or any programs which provide aid for.
  2. Surf online: Women make up the majority of internet surfers, instead of just posting selfies, harness the power that you have at your fingertips and look for opportunities online. Training, courses or new opportunities that you may fit the bill for. Use all the information you have to push your career in the right direction.
  3. Be social: Women in general have better interpersonal skills than men, use this power to get further ahead in jobs and better yet get yourself in work positions where you can effectively utilize these skills.
  4. Plan: Roadmap your career, a little bit of planning can go a very long way. If you know where you want to be in five or ten years’ time then you are in a better position to go where you want to go.
  5. Network: Don’t be shy of talking to people and making new contacts. You will always fare better if you know someone somewhere who could give you that push and leverage.
  6. Mentor: A mentor will not only guide you but you will ensure that you always have someone who looks out for you and tells you or gives you advice when you are in a tough position. Having a friend you can look up to and who helps you when you are in a tight spot will always be a great help.
  7. Self-promote: Don’t be afraid of talking about your skills; make sure the world knows how great you are at what you do!
  8. Be confident: The more confident you are the more you will dazzle the people around with you. Moreover people will know that you are someone to look up to rather than someone who will need to be helped or taken care off. You will seem of more as an asset if you are confident.
  9. Hone your talent: Do you have a secret skill that you are great at and do you want to turn it into your bread and butter? Well join an organization where you can sharpen those skills and later on market them to the world.
  10. Freelance: Go out there and market your talents to everyone, this will help you grow.

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