How to earn respect at work

We all want to be valued, especially at our workplace. Who wouldn’t want to be thought of as a respected and irreplaceable worker in their organization? So how do you go about fitting the aforementioned description? You work hard, you do what is demanded and asked of you, but how can you go the extra mile to get noticed for your role within an institution? Here are some of the ways you can make yourself into one of the most valuable assets a business could ask for.

Appreciate yourself: This doesn’t mean that you get pompous, but the key to being appreciated by others is appreciating yourself. If you look down upon yourself it will definitely affect how others look upon you. Being content with yourself and being confident with your achievements is what will lead others to respect you. Be confident in your skin so others admire you.

Walk the talk: Look and act like you belong where you are. Dress your part and take pride in your appearance. If you come to office in your bedraggled state no one will appreciate you no matter how hard you work or how good your work is. Appearances come first no matter how much anyone states otherwise, they are the first thing one is judged upon. Make sure your looks get you noticed in a positive way.

Work ethic: While looks are important they are by no means the final verdict on how much anyone respects you. You need to back your appearance with your work. Make your talent and work ethic be what you are recognized for. Work hard and people will most certainly respect you for it.

Pay attention to the title: Your title and position and are how you known within your workplace. Make sure that you never fall short of what is expected from you within that position.

Say the N-word: Know your worth and know when to say no to others. You’ve done well for so do yourself the courtesy of politely declining jobs which are beneath your job title. Pulling your weight for the good of the firm is one thing but being run over by others is another, you will not be better appreciated if you continuously do work which is beneath your station. Rather people will consider you to be a push over and consistently undermine you.

Talk about it: Never hesitate to talk about your achievements, this is not gloating, it’s simply telling others about what you have accomplished and how good you are at your job. This will definitely help you later on in life when you want a promotion or want a better job in some other company.

No more Mr. Nice Guy: If you are one of those sweet, sunny personality people walk over all the time, then stop at once and give yourself an attitude change. No this doesn’t mean that you turn into a mean girl overnight but simply that you stop taking what others dish out to you silently. Cut such people out of your life and stop being good to them.

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