Secrets of mompreneurs!

Entrepreneurs have the ability to start up a new venture and make it into a successful business. Being a solopreneur, one pours their heart and soul into the idea, breaking sweat to make sure that the idea flourishes and supports us financially and emotionally- catering to inner satisfaction.

But one major chunk of this entrepreneur pie, that is not acknowledged, appreciated and not focused is the mompreneurship.

Who are these Mompreneurs, you ask? These are the ladies out there who are working day and night to make their baby that is their idea, and simultaneously taking care of their real babies who may be two months, two years or even twenty! Yet they hustle about to make their new baby flourish making sure that their actual baby is not negatively affected! So what is the secret behind these successful Mompreneurs? What is their secret ingredient of success?

Here are a few secrets shared by some of the ladies:

Having moral support from the family is essential. At least that’s what I feel; else it would have been difficult for me to manage my salon as well as my child. Moreover, being a woman, doing all these things and making something of you in this patriarchal society is not easy. I believe that you should know that if you work hard you will succeed sooner or later. Secondly, have a firm belief in yourself. Be confident that you can and you will. Lastly, be bold and blunt in order to face this male dominating society all alone being a single parent”.
Sumaira Kashif- make-up artist (Sumaira’s Salon)

My email, Google calendar, and Facebook are indispensable for managing my Mompreneur life. They keep me organized and focused in regard to scheduling, blog ideas, communication with others, and client work.”
Jennifer Lopez- One Women Shop

“Be brave: Ask for time, space, support, and babysitting from your family, friends, and community; try a short and sweet daily meditation practice; add a little movement and nature to your day; read empowering books; and approach it all with self-compassion and humor. I could name specific tips and technology but, truly, I create by using these simple practices in tandem.”
Julie Fiandt- One Women Shop

These being among some of the moms and entrepreneurs, it came across as common knowledge that to survive in the male dominated society, a firm belief along with the confidence and the ability to stand back up after being knocked down is essential. Being a mom is not easy and being a working woman with your own business, it calls for some techniques that help you to flourish in both your jobs.

Following are the common techniques that once adopted can be helpful:

  • 1. Have a good support system. Family back up is important to make sure that you have someone to lean on and take strength when things become too much. It provides you with a backbone in the background
  • 2. Develop a hobby and exercise. It proves to be a stress reliever having some time to yourself to think things through along with the fitness- mental and physical
  • 3. Set a time. Make sure you set your time in a way that it dies not clash with your momma time. Make up a schedule. Work around your child. That way, neither of your babies feels left out!
  • 4. Be flexible. When situations call for, know your priority and work accordingly. Being flexible that way will ensure that no mess is made that cannot be cleared without some harm.
  • 5. Follow your gut. Instincts are important and are what helps you in determining what is of more importance. Being moms, your instincts are sharp enough to make you confident that following them will lead to a good outcome and not a bad one!
  • 6. Never give up. It is extremely important to have a firm and solid belief in yourself. The day you give up, will be the day it ends

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