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19 best ways to make money at home

Being stuck at home wishing you had some way to make it work for you, echoes with most women today. You have the skills, you have the time, you want to do something constructive but being at home feels like you are wasting your hard-earned education and skills. If you are in the same boat, the worrying days are over. Here are 19 awesome ways to work from home and to have fun while doing it!

1. Sell your products

Do you love making products for children and women? Can you make a list of products that women want? Go make or source those products and sell them online. And the good news, you can sell online on

2. Sell your services

Can you design stuff? Can you do data entry? Can you provide virtual assistance? How about research or business development? Showcase and sell your skills! No need to get hired. No need to step into a lavish office. Work on multiple projects from home and enjoy the rewards.

3. Sell your crafts

Are you one of those crafty ones who can make wonders happen with beads, papers, colors and glue? There are a lot of people who would love to buy handmade stuff from you if you are amazing at it.

4. Sell your homemade food

Are you ready to turn you culinary hobby into a full-fledged business? You are praised countless times because you make the best cupcakes on the planet, why not take it to the next level? Think of working men and women annoyed with junk food, on a look out for clean, homemade and healthy food that makes them feel home. You can make and sell daily lunch meals to working professionals, which means recurring business.

5. Turn your closet into cash

Have a wardrobe that is ready to burst because you hate parting with old clothes? Sell them to people who want and make simple money! Think of your dresses like wedding dresses that do not fit you anymore and sell them – someone in need of those will be more than happy to buy off of you.

6. Home-based day care center

Do you love being with children? Are you gifted with a lot of patience? Have a spare room at your home? If all of this is true, you can start your home-based day care center with minimum investment.

7. Blogging

Pick a niche. Share your views. Tell your story. Develop engaging content. Build an audienceĀ  – can you do it all? Welcome to the world of blogging where income potential is limitless. For instance, successful bloggers are asked by brands to review the products and they get paid for writing review and get other perks.

8. Baking

Beautifully decorated cakes and cookies, artisan bread, and artful pastries have become all the rage, partially thanks to the TV shows.

9. Sell your smart phone photos

Have a gazillion photo apps and a cool smart Phone? Click away amazing photos and sell them online. Added advantage: You will eventually learn how to be a pro at the art of picture taking šŸ˜‰

10. Sell your old books

Do you really need that O level physics text book? Or that novel you read in college for the grammar class? Sell them to someone who does and make money! It is so simple and so relatable that it is bound to work!

11. Become an online tutor

Love teaching but don’t want to actually go somewhere to teach? We feel you on that one. Start tutoring online. Do it from your bed in your PJ’s and for as long as you want. What more do students and teachers around the world want?

12. Test websites

Those website makers who spend hours over making a cool functioning website have no stamina to test it. It can easily be done online and will make those boring days at home a joy.

13. Social media management

Enjoy Facebook while you work for companies developing and running their social media campaigns. Indulge on Twitter while you tweet away to promote brands. It is a fun, creative and simple way to make money from your couch!

14. Become a virtual assistant

Can you handle small tasks, including office support, answering emails or phone, online research, data entry and even shopping, for a business or individual? If yes, this is an inviting option for you. Anyone can become a virtual assistant.

15. Business coaching

Have a desire to empower individuals? Have you got the business world experience? Are you the master of your niche? Business owners and managers are on a lookout for you – you can improve their work performance as a business coach. The coaching can be done remotely, via email, phone or Google hangout+

16. Resume writing

If you have a knack for making a resume shine, you could offer your services to job seekers.

17. Online store

Quit your job because you got married or became a mother? But you don’t want to cut on your lifestyle so what can you do? Launch your online store and become your own boss and spend more time with your loved ones.

18. Drop shipping

Don’t have time to produce your own products or to keep your own inventory? You can partner with a wholesale supplier that stock its own inventory – you transfer customer orders to them, and they ship the goods directly to the customer. It is not the path to overnight ecommerce success, but if managed correctly, it can create the base of your own successful online store.

19.Web design

If you have a great eye for design and have necessary skills to build websites – make them work for businesses. Every business, small or big, needs a website. To start, take smaller jobs to build your portfolio and get reviews. Use those reviews to catch big fishes.

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