British Pakistani, Mishal Husain – Broadcaster of the year

Setting example globally is none other than a woman, and a Pakistani woman at that. Mishal Hussain winning the Broadcaster of the Year at the London Press Club sets an example for women all across the globe.

A graduate of law from New Hall Cambridge and Masters in International and Comparative Law from Florence, Italy, she started off as a producer and sometimes presenter at the Bloomberg Television in 1996, followed by working in BBC World News and BBC news channel. Being a woman, one is bound to face obstacles in life, yet with the passion and dedication all can be achieved.

Hussain not only covered the Beijing Olympics in China but was also the British correspondent during the invasion of Iraq and reported the Egyptian Revolution from Cairo as well. With her utmost dedication and will, she was nominated for the Broadcaster of the year alongside with Matt Frei of Channel 4, BBC Social Affair’s correspondent- Alison Holt and BBC Global Health Reporter- Tulip Mazumdar, all of whom claim that Husain’s award was well deserved.

But her achievements do not end here. She was also named in the Britain’s Top 50 most powerful Muslim women in 2009. The Muslim Council of Britain also claimed that her award was a very well deserved one in relation to her outstanding capabilities and performance over the years.

Mishal Hussain, being a woman has proved to be an example stating that nothing should stop women for striving for her goals and for what she wants. The utmost important ingredient to success is the belief that you can and you will.

Winning this award, she might have set an example globally but, she proves to be an inspiration for us Pakistani women, who in everyday world believe that the obstacles we face in our daily lives will not let us go above and beyond to what we want to achieve, and will not let us survive in the patriarchal societ that we live in. Therefore taking a page out of her success book, all we can do is to follow her footsteps, make her a role model and start to believe in ourselves. Because once you believe, you develop a will. And once there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Keep it up Mishal!

Maria Nadeem

Written by Maria Nadeem

The Lyceum School (2011-2013)
Foundation Public School (1999-2011)