Turn Your Sewing Hobby into Money

A lot of women in this part of the world love to sew. It is a skill which is thought essential for most girls to learn. Some just get stuck at the basics like sewing on a button while others graduate to better stuff, like stitching full fledge dresses.

For those of you who love to sew and are good at it a great idea would be to turn your hobby into one that makes money! With the advent of online businesses this has never been easier. The sewing business trend could even overtake the pastry making trend online.

Here are some things you should do in order to get your sewing business off the ground:

Treat it as a business. Rule number one is remembering that your hobby is now your business, while your hobby costs you money, your business has to make you money or it is no good to you at all. Make that distinction the first priority when you are ready to start off or you will end up spending a lot of cash which will not be reimbursed.

Improve your skills. Most girls know the basics of cross stitch etcetera from a young age. They are definitely taught the basics at school or by their mothers at the very least. Improving your skills however is essential. Ask your mom to give you some advanced classes or join a sewing school. You could also YouTube some tutorials.

Get quality tools and materials. You are only as good as the tools you use, remember that. Second rate tools will not only make for shoddy work but they will also be harder to use. They will also break all the time and cost more in the long run. Invest in good materials, this is especially important where people absolutely love buying pure materials and mixed materials are always looked down upon.

Research your market. Look at the market segment you want to sell to. Are they stay-at -home women, kids or working women? Each segment has their own needs, and each garment you make will have to cater to those individual demands.

Market your products. Marketing your products is essential, do it via social media or make a website. A great idea would be a blog because they are free and easy to set up. You could blog about projects you work on for customers. This will keep people involved in the creative process and also show off your work ethic.

Dedicated website. When you get your business off the ground you should definitely think about also making and shifting to your own dedicated website. This will give your business a more authentic and retail touch so to speak. It will also put you in the running with bigger brands.


Written by HerCareer is a career community of women seeking consult, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed in the workplace.