10 ways to kick-start a baking business

Baking businesses are some of the easiest types of businesses to set up. If you have got the skill, you only need some basic tips and guidance to get off the ground. Cakes, cupcakes and other desserts all rule the roost and there is always a demand of these from people who have a sweet tooth. You just need a few basic tips to get your business going. Here are ten tips to kick start your baking business:

1. Learn the craft: You may be the greatest home baker, but with the amount of competition that has sprung up in the Pakistani market you always need new ways to stand out. Make sure that you learn the craft of baking through and through. You need to be known for good experiences not bad ones!

2. Stand out: As we said before, there is a tonne of competition and you need to stand out. Go beyond the regular rosette and fondant cakes and explore other ways you can innovate your pastries. Go online and use the tools you have at your disposal to learn more about decorating and look for ideas which other people have not done yet.

3. Get certified: Getting certified will definitely up your market value so to speak. A course from a somewhere like PC or COTHAM or CIIT will ensure that people know that you have gone all out to learn your craft. If you can afford it, opt for short courses from places like Dubai.

4. Get an Internship: Interning with some of biggies like Muneeze Khalid or some other well known baker or cook will ensure that people know you. This will not only be a learning experience but you will make new contacts too.

5.Be meticulous: Never mess up! Word of mouth is one of the biggest marketing strategies when you come to baking businesses, one messed up order can get you on the blacklist.

6. Promote yourself: Find ways to reach a wider audience. Just do anything to get your food and your name out there to the people. Chances are once they know you they will definitely order.

7. Get help: Don’t be afraid of getting people to help you. Help can be paid or perhaps just get a loving family member like your mother or your sister to learn the craft with you so you can work on the business aspect more.

8. Presentation: Even when you are baking a simple cake or loaf for a client make sure that it is presented to them beautifully. Not only the final look of the product but you also need to have a proper cake board or box for it. Not having these things makes you look like a rookie.

9. Opinions: Get people to give you feedback, ask clients or organise a small tea party at your place for a group of food bloggers. Know what the market wants.

Work on these tips and you will definitely have a soaring business in no time!


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