Peeking inside Maya’s Closet with Sabeen Osmani

So What is Maya’s Closet all about?

Maya’s Closet sells branded kid’s clothes at the most reasonable prices.

Ahan. And what are your qualifications? Have they been any help in the business?

I have an ASc. in Hospitality Management and my education has helped tremendously. I handle the majority of the customer interactions and inventory management and I wouldn’t have been as comfortable nor as good at both these things without my degree and the experience gained because of that.

Wow that’s new and sort of really cool. How did you come up with this business idea?

This was actually my husband’s brain child. It was quite frustrating shopping for Maya after her birth, he realized a lot of other people must face this too. It wasn’t so much the dearth of available options but more the price point that was mind boggling.

Oh right.. Tell us about yourself and the famous Maya

I’m 29 and Maya is our first born. She is absolutely delightful and I love being at home with her and spending the day together.  I’m really lucky that I can work from home because I could have never left her behind.

But isn’t it hard managing your own business with a child?

It can be very challenging because there are days when she demands my attention 24/7. Those days are an exercise in frustration because I feel like I’m getting nothing done and we are both unhappy. That is where my husband and business partner comes in. He takes over Maya’s Closet completely, allowing me to give Maya 100% of my attention.

That’s so adorable! Who has been that one person that has supported you throughout?

Altamash, my husband. He is always there and he is the most amazing husband and father. There is nothing he hasn’t and doesn’t do for Maya or me for that matter.

What a wonderful husband! How do you personally manage work and life?

By taking Sundays off! Haha But seriously there are days I take a break and switch off when possible. Sometimes work takes over and its not easy maintaining a balance but I try pretty hard to slot my day into times when I work for a few hours at a stretch and then switch off my devices so it’s family time.

What is it about your business that keeps you going?

Its so much fun honestly. I get to talk to so many mummies and daddies and its rewarding helping them through sizing and finding what they need to get for their babies. I talk to great people though out the day and some of them are even more like friends.

What advice would you like to give to women who want to launch their own business like you?

Do something you would have a lot of fun doing. That is what keeps you going.

That’s so simple and valid. How do you inspire yourself?

I am surrounded by people who are passionate about their work and inspiration isn’t hard when you wake up to messages from happy, satisfied customers.

What do you do when things get tough?

Because this is a partnership, Altamash and I help each other through. He is extremely supportive and its easy to get through 18 hr work days when there is someone by your side constantly.

What are some of the magic motivational words you live by?

Its no so much magic but the both of us believe in good intentions a lot. Our aim to maintain a good, honest intention  always and that helps in keeping us on the right track.

Wow that really is something all businesses should stick by.

Good luck Sabeen for all the future adventures that you have with Maya and Maya’s Closet both! 


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