10 things you will ever need to remember for the rest of your life

As a woman who has witnessed other women step up and down in their careers, I must say that all the problems in life are not the end of the world. People break down, lose hope and cry but then they get up, wipe their faces and jump on track again. The ones who don’t do not matter. And the ones who do are just a reminder of how okay life can and cannot be.

So here are some of the wonder words of wisdom and awesomeness I had and plan lived by. Feel free to share yours and add to this list.

1.Nobody cares how many times you fail. Literally

2.Things are going to get bad. Get ready for it.

3.Things will also get great. Be ready for that too.

4.Always wear a smile. It throws everyone off

5.Ignore the mean people. They are nothing but toxin

6.When someone brings you down, bring yourself up.

7.Enjoy the simple pleasures before you forget what they feel like

8.Life is not a race. Set your own pace.

9.Those who do are better than those who talk

10.Never compromise on your values and morals. It will hurt you forever.

The sky will fall. It will all crumble. If it doesn’t, you may as well be dreaming. But after all that, you will get better and stronger. Stay strong for that. Now and forever. Because like it or not, skyfall is where we start being amazing from.

Hufsa Rizwan

Written by Hufsa Rizwan