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Finding a mentor, scheduling a meeting with them is an intimidating task. Women encounter a specific set of problems in the workforce more frequently than men do:  discrimination based on gender and age, and even to some degree, discrimination based on their physical appearance.

We believe that one tap on someone’s shoulder is a game changer. Women want someone to vet their ideas and when the vetting is done by a professional such as yourself, they get further motivated to do it!

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Our community enables mentors to make a difference on their own schedule, from any location and device.

Our easy-to-use online community is free for users and allows women and volunteer business mentors to connect, solve problems, and make an impact together.

Our community comprises of talented women including but not limited to fresh graduates, on-job women, women entrepreneurs, and those who left the workforce and are keen to make a comeback.

As a mentor, you can bring a fresh perspective to women’s careers to enable them to stay balanced and to develop an holistic view of their careers.

Featured Mentors

Leon Menezes

Professor of Practice, IBA


Rania Anderson

Gender Diversity Expert


Saad Khan

CEO, Alamut Consulting


Amra Tareen

CEO, LittleCast


Anila Haq

CEO, Francorp


Dinshaw Avari

Director, Avari Hotels


How It Works

Once you are an approved mentor on, you can browse through the newsfeed and answer questions according to your expertise and interest. Women may also tag you on their questions, and you will be notified when this happens. Then you can answer their questions either in public or via a direct message utility.

Rest assured you will be given all the respect for taking your time to mentor women and to change their lives.

“I’m a mentor at because: To learn is to share is to learn. It is like being a candle that lights other candles – you lose absolutely nothing in doing so but the whole room becomes brighter.”

Leon MenzezProfessor or Practice, IBA

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“Avari Hotels supports women in the workplace because we find women work more conscientiously, honestly, diligently and tend to be more loyal. They are more sensitive to the needs of an organization.”

Dinshaw Avari | Director, Avari Hotels

“ offers a way around; where we can respect ‘what is’ and foster ‘what can be’. If there is a problem, there is most certainly a way out, and is one such promising solution.”

Shireen Naqvi | Founder, School of Leadership